Your Guide to Holistic Health

At Holistic Clarity, we specialize in guiding clients through the maze of holistic practices and products to help you achieve your optimal mix of health and wellness. Getting clear on wiser food choices, providing education on the benefits of pure supplements through a quantum reflex assessment, incorporating Yoga Therapy or MELT Method as alternative health methods, we can craft tailored regimens designed to help you achieve a happier, healthier life. Holistic Clarity services include:

  • Quantum Reflex Analysis for a tailored nutraceutical plan
  • Quantum Biofeedback Energetic Assessment
  • Bio-individual based food guidance
  • Grocery advisement along with holistic product direction
  • Integrative Yoga Therapy
  • MELT Method
  • Holistic counseling in relation to emotional or physical or spiritual imbalance
  • Corporate or school speaking engagements upon request
  • Holistic workshops upon request

If you crave the emotional, mental clarity and physical uplift that can come from natural, holistic living, contact us today by calling 904-962-5695. Wellness can be yours!

The M.E.L.T. Method

Imagine living without pain and relieving stuck stress within your body in just minutes a day... Thanks to the MELT Method, Holistic Clarity can provide the tools to get you started. The MELT Method is a revolutionary science using various size balls and a soft roller that can help counter the effects of aging, prevent injury and promote a healthier, more active life. MELTing is not just for chronic pain, but relieving stuck stress in our connective tissue helps our digestion, sleep, immune system, and more!Learn more about MELT.

Certified Integrative Yoga Specialist and Mulit-Level Hatha Instructor

Holistic Clarity founder Jenny Smith is a certified Multi-Level Hatha Style Yoga Instructor and Integrative Yoga Therapist. Applying yoga as therapy, tailoring it to a specific health condition is one of the the paths to wellness. Utilizing the 8 limbs, incorporating specific breathwork and alignment of Hatha Yoga can deliver the ultimate therapeutic union between mind, body, and spirit. Unlike faster paced and “power” yoga techniques, Holistic Clarity’s more therapeutic approach to yoga instruction is ideal for both experienced practitioners as well as beginners. When combined with the MELT Method, Integrative Yoga Therapy can create more openness and healing within the body to get the most out of a any yoga practice. Learn More.

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