Food and Its Energetic Value

Did you know that food has more power than just its nutrient value?

What if I told you that before you even eat put food into your mouth, it has already nourished or influenced you in some way good or bad?

This is the concept of food energetics, the notion that what we put into our bodies affects us emotionally, physically, as well as spiritually.  First off, it would be ideal to not be completely reliant on food that was was flown in from overseas or trucked across the country.  This produce was probably not picked at its highest energetic peak or therefore would have rotted by the time it got to its destination.  Anything local and in season will have a higher nutrient value, will be easier to digest, and thus will provide more nourishment to the body.  What if you are buying animal food and the cow or chicken was treated inhumanely, forced to live in terrible conditions or fed a diet not natural to their needs?  That meat is not going to resonate with the body as well as consuming an animal that was taken care of and fed properly.  Also keep in mind when deciding to purchase from local stores in support organic, sustainable farming,  we are  choosing to be more connected spiritually to our neighborhood, our surroundings, and Mother Earth in general.

Observe how you feel after you’ve made your meal.  Is it visually appealing? Does it smell good or are you salivating? You see, digestion is actually taking place before you even put your food into your mouth.  What if you were stressed out while making it, or rather disgruntled and cooking without a cheerful heart?  That puts bad energy into our food, as well as upsets the stomach which interferes with a healthy digestive process.  Think of a restaurant that is noisy or perhaps behind the scenes the wait staff is negative and annoyed.  Do you want to be served food from someone like that?  We’ve all had those experiences, and I can think of times that my stomach was upset before I even SAW the plate of food!!! (even in my own home…..EEK!)

There was an energetic reason why grandma’s soup tasted so good, yes?

And last but not least, it is nice to have a balance of YIN and YANG for our bellies.  That contrast being a salad that is light along with a root vegetable that is grounded.  Sometimes we feel somewhat flighty in our day, and that is why were are craving soups or root vegetables to bring us into balance.  While we do not need to control everything about our food, being mindful of what and when we eat allows us to appreciate its many energetic qualities that are truly beautiful gifts.

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