Let’s recap the issues with gluten from our newsletter, and expand on some options:

Gluten is like glue, it is hybridized, deamidated (processed), and often tainted with pesticides.
While we cannot do much about this “new wheat”, we can stay away from processed foods and stick with only organic varieties when possible.   If we do not do this then not only will our tummies be upset and our immune system a mess, but these reactions break down the blood brain barrier.  This breakdown allows pathogens and toxins to access the brain, causing neurological disfunction, i.e., “gluten brain”.
Avoiding eating out is not always possible, so trying a product like Premier Digest can offer enzyme support when the gut cannot quite do it on its own. Knowing that whole grains hold a remarkable amount of vitamins, minerals, omegas, not to mention fiber, it would be ideal to be friends with this food group.
One of my favorite breads is made by a very special friend and fellow business woman,
Rosemary Murphy.
All ingredients are organic: hard red and white wheat, flax seeds, millet, quinoa, amaranth, oats, gluten, sesame seeds, sea salt, egg, yeast and olive oil. Because it is milled and immediately placed in the oven, the integrity of nutrients are in tact.  While I admit I am not much of a bread or sandwich person, it is always delicious and my children can snack on it as they please, smearing organic peanut butter, honey or eat it just plain for a healthy treat!


To learn more about Rosemary and her bread making process, visit her website or contact her directly. She often does classes around the area so if you get a chance to see her in action it is worthwhile.










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