The Breasts and their Energetic Value

As nature’s way of allowing women to perfectly feed their newborns, those who can breastfeed offer the most nutrients to their babies. The breast’s energetically are considered the “heart center”, and the heart center represents perfect love.  For breastfeeding moms, there are times that their “love” is not accepted in society and it disturbs their heart center.  Women have been encouraged to “cover up” their love when nursing, to be embarrassed of their love leaking, and basically to apologize if a squirming baby doesn’t quiet down quick enough after latching on to their love.

To make matters worse, blasted on billboards or the windows at Victoria’s Secret is a message that a woman’s sexual value is based on her “love” or cleavage hanging out.  It is a dirty trick,  a false message that attention, or “love” will be given to her if she complies. On the contrary, it is in her groundedness that she knows she is worthy of love at the heart center, she does not feel isolated or forced in that matter to show her breasts in order to receive false love.  And when and if she chooses to reveal her bosom, it does not come from the Ego, but from a sense of self acceptance, peace, contentment, and trust.

For a lactating mom,  her heart center transfers her milk which represents love, joy, compassion, and respect.  This newfound energy flowing from her breasts can feel wonderful, but sometimes due to engorgement or sensitive nipples it can be cumbersome.  Then add all of the media coverage on what the perfect breasts should look like, when to show them, when not to show them, it can be a physically, emotionally and sexually challenging time.

As far as intercourse, the breasts are the gateway to the vagina.  After childbirth in general can be a difficult time to open up sexually.  When giving so much love mom can feel depleted at heart center and not want to open up sexually.   Breasts, being erogenous, when caressed or fondled increase blood flow to the vagina followed by lubrication. (This caressing can be helpful, as estrogen levels are low during nursing and some women complain of vagina dryness.)  Coconut oil can also be useful, it can be rubbed gently on the breasts, and also “down there”.  Give your partner some homework.  Keep in mind that while nursing the hormone oxytocin triggers the milk ejection reflex. This is the same hormone that is released when a woman has a orgasm, so there may be leaks during intercourse.

I have been in your shoes, I nursed my children until they were about 2 1/2 years old and experienced all of the above. In conclusion, my advice during breastfeeding would be to stay grounded, rest, breathe, and receive as much love as you are giving to your baby. This is why I am offering breastfeeding moms holistic advisement free of charge.  If I can help re-ground, re-assure, and protect the heart center I know mom will be more successful at breastfeeding. Mom, baby, not to mention the entire family will be healthier and happier!




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