Gluten Free Fried Triggerfish


Triggerfish are colorful, powerful fish that have chisellike teeth for cracking coral and eating mollusks.  The most common areas to catch them are in the West Indies, or Florida.  Triggerfish are generally about 1 lb, but some varieties can get quite a bit larger.

Triggerfish, although light and flakey, is still hardy enough to hold together to fry.  I use grapeseed oil which is flavorless and can reach a medium-high heat point without losing integrity.  I pat the filets if too wet before dipping in egg.

As far as the gluten free flour, Arrowhead is by far the best (and I’ve tried plenty, including making my own.)  To save time, just throw in your salt, pepper, and seasoning then mix it right into the flour so its evenly distributed for coating.

Preheat the oil to where you can see it swirling a bit in the frying pan.  I use my hands to lay the fish in the pan, be careful not to get splattered.  If splattering too much turn to medium-low.  Make sure you get it crispy, about 3 minutes on each side. This makes it easier to use a spatula to flip it over, and thus remains in one piece which makes for a nice presentation.

The sriracha aoili I use is by Stonewood Kitchen.  Its easy to make it from scratch and I guess I could have been more creative, but its delicious none-the-less.  Even fantastic chefs have to prioritize and at times cut corners.  Stonewood has many jarred versions which are great for not just putting on fish, but vegees and meat as well.  I used it to dip the green beans in which were sauteed with fresh ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, s/p, and coconut oil aminos (a healthy substitute for soy sauce).

My tip with the green beans is to pre heat the grapeseed oil, quickly blister the beans, turn them down then sautee all the other ingredients except for the aminos until fragrant.  Douse with the aminos or soy sauce to deglaze the pan, and the beans should still be al dente.  This is a quick process and I usually cook them last.

The potatoes were simply cut into chunks and I did not peel them.  They crisp up better that way.  I broiled them after throwing a couple dashes of red wine vinegar and coating them with lemon/dill seasoning.  Sometimes I add a chopped onion or bell pepper and they blister up nicely with the potatoes.  Time to broil is about 25-30 minutes.  Dip them in the sriracha for an extra added kick!

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