Trace Minerals 101

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Did you realize that trace minerals, while only needed in very low amounts, are critical to good health? Farming, poor soil quality, pollution, an let’s not forget bottled water, all have contributed to inadequate trace minerals in our water and food.

Our focus will be on magnesium, zinc, lithium, and copper, and chromium.


Magnesium affects the HPA axis (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal).  When stress occurs, cortisol goes up and magnesium goes down.  Our sleep, flexibility, bone integrity, and enzymatic actions in the body are compromised as well.  Alcohol, coffee, soy, grains and pharmaceutical drugs also rob our bodies of magnesium which is also why most people are deficient.

Not enough zinc in the body affects learning and memory, and is also needed for the synthesis of melatonin.  Vegetarians can be low in zinc, due to grains inhibiting zinc absorption. Zinc strengthens the immune system, and promotes a healthy gut lining.  Hydrochloric Acid and digestive enzymes require zinc.

Lithium improves cognition, memory and mood by allowing for better absorption/transport of B12 and folic acid.  In addition to being neuroprotective in many ways,  lithium also helps breaks down uric acid in the body thus relieving joint pain.

Copper is often found in many beauty products for its anti-imflammatory, anti-microbial and antibacterial properties.  As a powerful anti-oxidant, copper protects against free radical damage.  Proper levels increase our bodies ability to absorb iron, along with protecting our heart, bones, and brain.

Chromium has earned its credentials by balancing carb cravings and normalizing blood sugar levels.  Low chromium levels are associated with the risk of glaucoma and also high cholesterol. Support during the menstrual cycle and mood swings has also been documented.

There are so many choices when it comes to trace mineral supplementation.  At Holistic Clarity, we choose to offer Basic Nine, Polar Mins, and PRLabs Pink Salt.  Visit our store to place an order.  Better yet schedule at Quantum Health Appointment to address each and every one of your nutraceutical concerns!

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