One size does not fit all. One approach does not help all.

Whether you’re new to a holistic lifestyle or a long-time follower wondering if you could be enjoying greater benefits, Holistic Clarity is here to help.

Our Process

(1)  Health History Audit to assess your lifestyle challenges and overall goals
(2)  Personalized Holistic Protocol Planning to determine a recommended course of action
(3)  Guided Assistance through the options you elect to follow

Our Services

Depending on your goals and needs, we will help you with any combination of the following holistic tips and best practices:

Natural approaches to chronic health conditions using the following modalities:

Quantum Reflex Analysis for tailored supplemental plans

Quantum Biofeedback Energetic Assessment

Digestion to Detox facilitation

Integrative Yoga Therapy in relation to chronic health conditions

MELT Method for chronic pain, inflammation, immune health, and to enhance sports performance

Pantry assessment and grocery/label guidance

Tailored cooking instruction and/or meal planning

Domestic visits exposing potentially harmful ingredients in the home

Children’s food planning/lunch assistance

Holistic life coaching to achieve overall balance and harmony in all aspects of life

Holistic Clarity founder Jenny Smith is also available for corporate, public and group speaking events on topics pertaining to Holistic Health, Quantum Health approaches, Nutraceuticals 101, MELT Method, Integrative Yoga Therapy, along with requests for overall education on topics in relation to holistic living.

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