MELT Method Instruction. A Miracle in Motion.

There is much to be excited about in regards to Sue Hitzman’s revolutionary MELT Method.

The MELT Method uses the science of hands-off bodywork to rehydrate your connective tissue and quiet your nervous system. What this does is bring your body closer to its ideal state, which can help:

  • •  Alleviate pain
  • •  Reduce insomnia
  • •  Soothe digestive problems
  • •  Fight cellulite
  • •  Reduce headaches
  • •  Improve cognition
  •    Enhance sports performance

The beauty of MELT, besides its potential for restorative health, is that it can help you live an active life with less pain without requiring trips (and payments) to specialists all over town.

The enemy of wellness.  The negative effects of aging, environmental toxins and an active lifestyle can produce pain, stress buildup and dysfunction in our bodies. That dysfunction can manifest itself as chronic pain, insomnia, digestion issues, cellulite, wrinkles, headaches, poor cognition and more.

Much of this can be attributed to a common occurrence: Connective Tissue Dehydration.

When your connective tissue is dehydrated, your body responds negatively to the warning signals coming from your nervous system and you end up out of balance. That’s why we hurt!

MELT the pain away.  Jenny Smith, MELT Method Instructor, Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher and Holistic Practitioner, can show you how to incorporate the MELT Method into your everyday life. With Jenny’s help, you’ll become aware of what frequent MELT’ers refer to as the AUTOPILOT. She’ll teach you how to identify and balance your body’s masses and spaces, plus explain the anti-aging effect of keeping your connective tissue fluid and moving.

MELTing is a MUST. Watch this video to learn more!