You are what you eat. Eat right, feel right. Live right. 

Learning for Life.  Holistic Clarity founder and chief practitioner Jenny Smith is certified through the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The largest Holistic education school in the world, the Institute focuses on the interconnection between a person’s food choices and their:

  • •  Relationships
  • •  Support systems
  • •  Work environment
  • •  Spirituality

Based on the institute’s proven teachings, Jenny Smith and Holistic Clarity use your health history to assess your challenges with particular foods.  With that assessment in hand, we then tailor specific dietary theories and cooking, and grocery assistance to help you achieve a healthier life.

Health is not just about food.  At Holistic Clarity, we believe more than just your stomach needs nourishing. Your spirit does, too.

In addition to food guidance, Jenny will create a dialogue with you to gauge your overall level of balance in your life. These balances are the things that sustain us that DON’T go in our mouths, things like children, spouses or significant others, careers, hobbies, or spirituality. By understanding and embracing our place in the world, we are more capable of managing and controlling what we put in our bodies.