Integrative Yoga Therapy and Hatha Style Yoga Instruction.

Yoga Unveiled for Your body. Your Mind. Your Spirit.

Holistic Clarity specializes in individual and small group Yoga Therapy and Hatha-style Yoga instruction. Hatha is a bit more esoteric and calming than faster paced and “power” Yoga disciplines, placing greater emphasis on:

  • •  Centering
  • •  Proper breathing
  • •  Posture alignment
  • •  Posture modifications
  • •  Peaceful meditations

Hatha Yoga asanas, or sequences, are strong and firm, but at the same time, safe, comfortable and soft. This balance of seemingly opposing attributes is what Yogis refer to as sthira sukham asanam. It’s when experiencing this kind of balance and tension that you can experience peace in the present moment. Hatha is also perfect for beginners and experienced Yoga practitioners alike.

Integrative Yoga Therapy, on the other hand, is a bit deeper and even more tailored for the individual.

So how is Integragtive Yoga Therapy different than all other types of yoga?
Yoga Therapy is a tailored approach designed to address specific health challenges, emotional or physical, such as a chronic illness or temporary conditions like an injury or post childbirth.   Integrative Yoga embraces a more physical, psychological, and spiritual level for the health and wellness of each individual. Some people prefer Yoga Therapy to find out what yoga has to offer other than just breathing techniques or postures. An Integrative approach would include all of the essential values of Yoga, from the chakra system, mudras, meditation, ayurveda, eight limbs, and overall vision from a spiritual perspective applicable to the condition.
Integrative Yoga Therapy sessions are often put together in a series and are commonly used for:
Asthma or other Respiratory Conditions
Auto-Immune Disorders (Cancer, MS, Lupus, Parkinsons)
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Disorders
Mild Coginitive Impairment (MCI)
Learning Disabilities
Scoliosis/Healthy Spine
Healthy Body Image/Self-Esteem
or…..Just wanting a more fulfilled  understanding of Yoga!
Please note that while Yoga in general may be considered “therapeutic”,
Not all instructors offering their services as Yoga Therapists are certified as such.
 It is wise to do your research in order to understand a teachers experience, certifications and/or additional qualifications in regards to yoga therapy. Doing so provides better assurance that they are knowledgeable enough in applying yoga for whatever condition or direction you are wanting assistance with.
Jenny, Founder of Holistic Clarity,  is not only IYT and RYT Certified, but also applies her thorough understanding of the energetic body through nutrition, QRA,  and the MELT Method in order to tailor a multi-dimensional Yoga wellness plan.

Holistic Clarity Yoga instruction is available to you in our facility or yours; contact us to schedule a session.

Why I became interested in a more therapeutic approach to yoga is this all too common experience:

“We’ve all been there. You walk into a Yoga class and think, “hmmm – (a) it’s crowded in here, and (b) I hope I get through this without hurting myself.

Not long ago, I walked into a class with a neighbor thinking ‘this is going to be great.’  

My neighbor thanked me for telling her previously about extended spine because she had previously “messed up her back” doing a forward bend incorrectly.

Right after warm-ups, the instructor kicked in with kapalabhati breathing. ‘Ugh, I’m on my period, no way I can do that breath,’ I thought and reverted to Dirgha pranayama. Once the Sun Salutations kicked in (and then kept going and going and going), I become acutely aware of a man breathing HEAVILY in the back. Now, I’m flipping back and forth between listening to the teacher and wondering if someone should get this guy an aspirin before it was too late.

The instructor/gumbee then proceeded to swing her body back and forth between her legs, holding planks and twisting into a pretzel pose only she could hold.  I was just glad to get back into downward dog, and felt sorry for the Borderline Heart Attack Guy in the back. Wondering if your instructor’s Yoga insurance is up to date can really kill your focus.

It was actually called a “gentle flow” class in the newsletter, but not in my definition.


With private instruction, even if it’s for a small group of friends and not just a single person, we can help empower you as Yoga students and tailor sessions to your strengths and weaknesses.  That way when you enter a yoga class, you will know what works for you and what doesn’t, allowing for the best experience for your practice wherever it may lead.


Jenny Smith is an Integrative Yoga Therapist and  Registered Multi-level Hatha Style Yoga instructor.